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Florida Institute of Technology

Student Branch

The Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) Student Branch, located in Melbourne, Florida, is sponsored by the Spacecoast Chapter to support students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and other disciplines requiring HVAC/R.

FIT Student Branch Mission: Our mission at Florida Tech’s ASHRAE Student Branch is to provide research and educational opportunities for students and serve the local community towards a more sustainable future. Some of our activities include:

  • Performing Research Projects on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Support Students with Scholarship and Career Opportunities
  • Capstone Design Project – ASHRAE Undergraduate Equipment Grant
  • Students Training and Community Service
  • Hosting Seminars and Presentations from Experts in the Field
  • Encourage and Support Students to Attend Conferences

Student Branch Officers & Chairs



Obinna Uyanna
Ganesh Doiphode

To contact the FIT Student Branch, e-mail the Student Branch Advisor, Dr. Hamidreza Najafi, at FIT@SpacecoastASHRAE.org.

Click here to visit the Student Branch’s website.

Past Student Branch Activities

Student Training & Community Services

In collaboration with Brevard Public School (BPS), Florida Tech Student Branch performed energy audit for selected schools in the surrounding of its campus. The school site visits were performed in spring 2019 and the students and branch advisor presented some of their findings in the ASHRAE’s Space Coast Chapter Technical Seminar in Oct 2019.


Several of Florida Tech’s ASHRAE Branch students participate in research projects on various Energy and HVACR related topics: Net-zero energy buildings, energy efficient educational facilities, renewable energy systems, Innovative HVAC systems, Combined Cooling, Heating and Power Generating (CCHP) Systems, and more.

Senior Design Projects

Dr. Najafi received ASHRAE Undergraduate Equipment Grant for 2019-2020 academic year. The grant is used to support a Capstone Design Project to design and develop a thermoelectric based system for building cooling and heating applications. A group of eleven senior students, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, are working on this project. The system will be developed as an educational apparatus to be used in the Heat Transfer Lab at Florida Tech. The project is scheduled to be completed and presented by April 2020.

Seminars & Presentations

Florida Tech’s ASHRAE Student Branch hosts experts to present for students. Some of the recent presentations include:

  • HVAC Industry and Sale Engineering, by Jason Aki, Account Manager and Team Lead at Trane U.S. Inc, Oct 2019.
  • Net Zero Energy Schools in Florida, by Philip Donovan, Studio Principal, Community at Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, April 2019.
  • ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient, by John Constantinide, Sr. Mechanical Engineer at Alpha MRC Architects Engineers, Nov 2018.
  • Energy Consumption in Schools, by Bruce Lindsay, Manager of Energy and Resource Conservation at Brevard Public Schools, Nov 2018.
  • Career Opportunities in HVAC&R, by Jake Rardin, Sales Engineer at Envelop Group, Oct 2018.

Conference & Presentations

Florida Tech’s ASHRAE branch students actively participate and present the outcome of their research works in national/international conferences. Some of the recent presentations include:

  • Mohadeseh Seyednezhad and Anuj Pant, ASME IMECE (Nov 2019)
  • Ganesh Doiphode, ASME Energy Sustainability Conference (July 2019)
  • Obinna Uyanna, ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference (July 2019)

Spacecoast Chapter Technical Seminars

Florida Tech’s ASHRAE Student Branch members attend the monthly chapter technical seminars.

  • Students were able to meet with the September presenter Sue Hann with Brevard Public Schools

Marvin Yarosh & Jack Wiles Scholarship Endowment at FIT

Donate to the scholarship endowment online.

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