Spacecoast ASHRAE Summer Update

Bruce Lindsay, President and Life Member

Hello Space Coast Chapter!  Oops, Space Coast Section!

Most of you are probably too busy this summer to read this, but we officially ended the 2019-2020 year on June 30, and we wanted to update you on our plans for the upcoming 2020-2021 year.  First, COVID19 has disrupted everything, including our chapter.  We are adjusting.  We will be transitioning from a chapter to a section.  This simply means that we have a lot less responsibilities to fulfill at the Region XII level and national level.  No more RP goals!  Only four technical programs each year!  A much smaller leadership requirement.  After discussions with our Director and Regional Chair, Robin Bryant, we have agreed and the Region has moved ahead to with the process to dissolve the Chapter and form the Section.  We are hopeful that we can return to a full chapter in the near future.  The current leadership team is remaining during the transition.  Bruce Lindsay will continue serving as President; John Constantinide, Past President and Governor, will serve as President-Elect; Bill Pryse will continue as Treasurer; and Matt Szczepaniec will continue as Secretary.  We hope to convince a few members to volunteer to serve on the Board or as committee chairs now that the commitment is much lower.

We do want to recognize the hard work and dedication several members have made this past year.  Mike Knott has been our Webmaster and has done a great job getting the word out and up on the web.  Jim Park has been our email emperor and has been sending you timely announcements and reminders.  John Juckiewicz has been our Membership chair, and I need to personally thank him again for upgrading me to Life Member.  Jake Rardin, Lee Guthrie, Jeanne Jackson, Dave DaSilva, Kannan Renjarajan, Brian Blenis, Scott Siegel, Denny Bowers, and Kevin Riley have been very supportive as Past Presidents and offered really invaluable advice.

We are proud to report that two Space Coast chapter members published a technical article in the ASHRAE Journal this month on a subject near and dear to all of us in sight of rocket launches.  John Constantinide and Hamid Najafi authored “Present State and Future of Environmental Control Systems in Space”.  We are planning a joint Section/FIT Student Chapter webinar featuring HVAC system design for the Moon and Mars.

We are probably not going to return to normal in the Fall.  Luncheons may be on hold for some time.  Still, we reserved our room at the Tuscany Grill for the second Tuesday of the month for September-December.  Love the lasagna and the staff!  During their downtime, they installed projectors and screens to make our meetings easier.  If we cannot hold our meetings as planned, we hope some of you can dine there and inform them you are ASHRAE members.

We are planning webinars this coming year.  We piloted our first with ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Patricia Graef on May 14.  A big thank you to John Constantinide for hosting the session.  Pat gave a great overview of Legionella and ASHRAE Standard 188.  It turns out that this is especially important as we re-open facilities and need to flush out our domestic water systems.  Right now, many of us are overwhelmed with Zoom, Team, Webex, and GotoMeeting virtual meetings, so we are targeting webinars in September.  We would love to have a dialogue with our members and solicit ideas for topics and speakers.  Yes, we are actively recruiting a virtual CTTC chair and committee.

Quick reminder.  ASHRAE’s annual conference has gone virtual.  Programs are now on-line and registration is only $99.00.  Great way to secure your PDHs for PE license renewal.

Hope to see you soon!  Stay healthy and please keep in touch.

Bruce Lindsay