November Technical Seminar – “THE NEW BUILDING EQ”

The October Technical Seminar (OCTOBER LINK) at Harris was a truly engaging event.  In addition to the Technical Seminar portion, there were lively discussions on:

  • ASHRAE Technical Committee (TC) 7.3 – Operation & Maintenance Management
  • ASHRAE 62.1 requirements
  • As well as how to get the Spacecoast Operators more involved in Local Chapter Community

Reserve your seat for the next meeting!

Another objective of Spacecoast ASHRAE Leadership this year, is to further strengthen our support for university Student Branches FIT and Emrby-Riddle.  Your future talent is out there!  Both Universities offer HVAC courses and/or Degree Tracks, as well as bustling Student Branches.

ASHRAE Spacecoast will be hosting the November Seminar at Florida Institute of Technology.   FIT – HVAC course and ASHRAE Student Branch members will be in attendance.   Best of all, this event will be FREE! Further Details are in the flyer below.  Please RSVP by November 2nd with our contact page (CONTACT LINK), simply type “RSVP” in the comment box and submit.

Location  – Olin Life Sciences Building 

ROOM 130

See Campus Map Below:

Tuesday, November 6th

FIT – Olin Life Sciences Building (3005 Country Club Rd, Melbourne, FL 32901)