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ASHRAE Space Coast Chapter members,

Your input is being requested about the future of our Chapter.  You will find a one question survey form following the explanation below.   It is only to gather information and make you aware.

We are looking for membership involvement:     volunteers to fill positions and take an active role.

In the past years, the Chapter Board of Governors has struggled to fill leadership positions with willing volunteers and accomplish goals, both short-term and long-term, to improve our Space Coast HVAC&R community. We understand that employers are busy and engineers are perpetually on tight deadlines. As we have revisited this topic several times in the past with our Chapter, we want to offer two options for our community to be better served while respecting the time of our volunteers: stay as a Chapter or become a Section (e.g. an organized part) of the ASHRAE Central Florida Chapter.

The requirements below will briefly provide insight about the two to help you make a more informed decision.

  1. Volunteer Participation: Our Chapter is required to have a seven-member Board and six committee chairs. As a Section, we would only be required to have one Section Representative to the Central Florida Chapter.
  2. Regional Representation: Our Chapter is required to send a Delegate and an Alternate to ASHRAE regional conferences to discuss and vote on regional business. As a Section, we would not be required to send anyone to regional conferences but would work with the Central Florida Chapter to send people to discuss, but not vote, on regional matters.
  3. Technical Seminars: Our Chapter is required to organize eight technical seminars per year. As a Section, we would only be required to organize two technical seminars per year, however we would still likely have as many events as we do currently.
  4. Operations: Our Chapter is required to manage a bank account, file tax forms, document Board meetings, and be accountable to the region. As a section, we would only need to document attendance at technical seminars for the Central Florida Chapter; our bank account would be managed by the Central Florida Chapter.
  5. Student Activities: Our Chapter has two student chapters and supports STEM activities at Brevard Public Schools.   As a section, we will work with the Central Florida Chapter to support as we do currently and depending on member support here locally, more activity.

In order for our Chapter to remain a Chapter, we will need several of our faithful members to step up and take on active roles within Chapter Leadership.

Below is a list of the current Chapter Leadership, and as you can see several people are having to hold several positions simultaneously.

If you are interested in actively participating in Leadership, please reach out to Chapter Leadership and let them know.  Please only take on a position if you are confident you can spend 3-5 hours a month managing your position duties, as well as frequently attend the Chapter Leadership meetings which are held separate from the Technical Sessions.

Thank you for taking the time to understand the situation and we look forward to maintaining the chapter with YOUR support and participation.


SpaceCoast ASHRAE 2017-2018 Leadership

Last Name First Name Chapter Position(s)
Board of Governors
Guthrie Lee President
Rardin Jake President-Elect
Seigel Scott Treasurer
Pryse Bill Secretary
Bowers Denny Past President
Blenis Brian Governor
Riley Kevin Governor
Constantinide John Governor
Committee Chairs
Rardin Jake Programs (Chapter Technology Transfer) Chair
Fairrell Jonathon Student Activities Chair
Najafi Hamidreza Student Activities Co-Chair
Angell Michael Membership Promotion Chair
Bowers Denny Membership Promotion Co-chair
Seigel Scott Resource Promotion Chair
Rardin Jake Resource Promotion Co-Chair
Rardin Jake Young Engineers in ASHRAE Chair
Thornbloom Mark Refrigeration Chair
Constantinide Michael Auditing Chair
Constantinide John Auditing Co-chair
Seigel Scott Grassroots Government Advocacy Chair
Sandra Boetcher Sustainability Chair
Thornbloom Mark Honors & Awards Chair
Guthrie Lee Website Manager
DaSilva David Historian
Guthrie Lee Newsletter Editor
Park Jim Electronic Communications Chair
Riley Kevin Badge Dude (Reception Chair)
Fairrell Jonathon STEM K-12 Chair
Guthrie Lee STEM K-12 Co-chair
Constantinide John Canaveral Council of Technical Societies Representative
Bowers Denny Canaveral Council of Technical Societies Alternate
Regional Committee
Rardin Jake Delegate
Pryse Bill Alternate




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